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PrimeFort is all about Hackers, Hustlers, Developers 

It's a dream team consisting of hackers, hustlers and people who hack for a living. Description looks like you? Come and join us, mail your profile to


We've been there and done that. 
Our team has hacked into many firms including.. 


A world-class enterprise security team 

We're a team of hackers, crackers and developers whose duty is to hack and secure you before some bad guy does.

Expert Team

We're an expert team who've worked with many security teams in identifying security issues in their infrastructures. Our team is extremely capable of hacking complex networks and Infra's so you can secure them before the bad guy does.

Incredible Assistance

We're here for you. Our Incredible support team and post-sales team are here for you to assist you secure your infrastructure. Our security reports are extremely precise and straight to the point and allow you to quickly secure your infra. Furthermore, we're always here for you 24x7.

Security for everyone

These multipurpose tiles make ideal presentations for project showcases or as links to auxilary pages around your site.

Enterprise Security

SOC, Enterprise pentest

Our Enterprise Security Team will be on ground your organisation and will assist you in securing your organisation end-to-end. Our managed SOC team is the best in the world.!

Security for Everyone

Application pentest

Security is an important element for everyone, be it a startup or an SME. We help startups and SME's secure their applications with our word class security team.

One size doesn't fit all!

We understand that one price doesn't fit all. That's why we work with every client in a different way. Contact us and we'll give you the best price.

Full application pentest & training 
Award winning support
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