We advise on your cybersecurity strategy depending on your current level of maturity.

Web Application Security Audit

Web application security is the way toward ensuring websites and online administrations against various security dangers that abuse vulnerabilities in the application's code

Mobile Application Security Audit

Mobile application security centers around the product security stance of portable applications on different stages like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Cloud Security Audit

Cloud security is a quickly developing administration which includes protecting critical information from theft, data leakage and deletion as traditional IT security.

Network Security Audit

Network security is any action intended to ensure the ease of use and trustworthiness of your system and information sent over the Internet conneted.

PCI Audit

This is required for merchants that process credit card transactions to make sure that they are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Digital Forensics Certification

DFC indicates expertise in forensics techniques and procedures, standards of practice, and legal and ethical principles to assure accurate, complete, and reliable digital evidence.

PrimeFort's schematics of services provided

    Strategy, governance         and architecture

    Active defence service

    Active defence service

    Threat and vulnerability         management

    Risk and compliance

    Incident management

    Managed services

    Identity and access         management