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Why is Cybersecurity necessary?

In the present-day scenario, there’s a dollar value associated with a data breach/security incident and this pushed cyber security into the board room as senior management is concerned about the security posture of their organisation.

How we partner with your business on security services

Just imagine a group of Cyber Hitmen (of the good kind) between your organisation and the attackers? That’s Primefort. With a range of proactive and reactive cyber security solutions, CISO’s can sleep tight with Primefort. That’s our Promise.


Offensive Security Advisory

Proactively assess your organisation's security posture through a host of Offensive security services ranging from Vulnerability assessment to Intrusive Red team


Application Security

A unique hybrid approach consisting of elite application security testers and automated bots, tools and commercial solutions


Cloud Security

Secure your cloud and fuel productivity by adopting a Zero trust networks for your evolving cloud environments.


Threat and Breach simulation

Adopt a proactive hunting methodology with huge data munging tools and techniques capable of hunting Advanced persistent threats


Compliance and Auditing

Not sure if you have enough visibility on your compliance to leading Industry standards? We've got you covered. Eliminate Non-compliance and attain 100% visibility


Cyber Security Incident Response

Ransomware attack? Suspected Data breach? We've got you covered. Call in the experts and get the root of the incident.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses — big and small

Primefort growth from its humble beginnings to a million-dollar company epitomizes our devotion to solving some of the world’s most sophisticated security challenges.

We believe great things can start with a conversation. We would love to hear from you.

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