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The highest level of information security to handle your sensitive data

Information privacy and data security have become critical components of todays security frameworks: data feeds commercial success. We maintain a high level of information technology by taking the following measures

Acknowledging and evaluating your vulnerabilities

We usually start by assisting our customers in understanding and quantifying their risk models, identifying essential data assets, and evaluating their existing security policies and stages of protection

Your protection; your pick of delivery method

We deliver our expertise through various modes of delivery - a Dedicated SOC, a Managed SOC, or our Hybrid model. Our worldwide CDC network spans the globe - including India and some other countries

Threat and regulatory compliance

We utilize data to transform our clients from being the ones hunted to risk hunters. In an intelligence-driven strategy, we integrate SIEM, network surveillance, endpoint tracking, payload assessment, and offline big data analytics.

The New Era of Cybersecurity

A malicious intrusion takes approximately three months to be discovered. Even if you have the necessary processes and tools in effect, you are still susceptible to attack when youre not monitoring systems, identifying possible security issues, and implementing changes to your systems promptly when risk is discovered. It is obvious that a new generation of cybersecurity techniques is required to safeguard your sensitive information assets.

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IZAPY engaged Primefort™ for cybersecurity vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. We amazed work done by Sriram and team with technological and process capability. Sriram and team has demonstrated advanced penetration testing process based on threat level and business need.
IZAPYLeading Cybersecurity Firm , Singapore

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Primefort™ is a global provider of IT security solutions that solve real business issues. Our dedicated team of security engineers offers solutions to customers throughout the world for securing innovations.

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