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Web Application Penetration Testing

Track the latest vulnerabilities and cyber threats to your Web Applications

Web Application Penetration testing is initiated by an expert trying to attack your application to preserve your software security.

Discover vulnerabilities

Identifying vulnerabilities takes more than just scanning the IT environment to be able to deal with current techniques of user attacks

Exploit vulnerabilities

To be able to exploit that vulnerability requires advanced techniques, which would also help one see how far it is possible to break in and penetrate the network.

Using advanced strategies

To firmly protect your space, it is equally important to figure out probable adversaries that are more likely to discover and target your application.

Our Process

Our web application penetration testing incorporates the results from automated penetration testing along with manual penetration testing and evaluates them against the organization’s corporate policy.

  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
  • Analysis
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Automated testing

Automated vulnerability scans to identify some common issues in the web application.

What you get with Primefort™ Web Application Penetration Testing ?

Accurate and Economical assessment

It is important to note that web applications are prone to compliance and security risks, and need to be constantly monitored for security flaws and loopholes in network setups while designing the application, however, it becomes even more important to identify and mitigate security flaws and vulnerabilities once the application is out in the market

Information Security

If compromised, the web application may lead to data theft, stolen account details, stolen session IDs, and unethical insertion of malicious codes in the websites. Primefort™ Web App Pentestiing Services ensure a high level of information security for your web applicatio

Modern approach

Monitoring and testing the multiple components of your application to prevent a malicious attack often requires understanding the modern, up-to-date attack techniques as well as testing and evaluating the possible defense mechanism against those types of attacks.

Automated and Manual Testing

The majority of the platforms consider automated penetration testing as a good place to start, but it cannot be overlooked that it is unable to detect every flaw. There’s a critical need to integrate the expert knowledge and pragmatic skills of a skilled manual tester who is adept at dealing with current attacks and vulnerabilities to run manual tests.

Accurate Results, Reduced Costs

Our combined approach of using standard testing strategies and expert testers ensures high accuracy and consistent checks by deploying automated testing procedures and then incorporating manual testing methods to reveal the flaws that automated assessment missed. Our proven testing process helps us achieve consistently high results and reduce customer costs.

Who Can Benefit from Our Web Application Penetration Testing ?

Since there’s an increase in demand for web application penetration testing, it is becoming more and more complex for organizations to find expert, reliable testers that can quickly identify and fix security flaws and secure the web application from the attack of malicious individuals. Primefort™ Web Application penetration Testing is the perfect solution for organizations seeking an accurate and economical assessment for their web application. Be it in-house or third-party attacks, it allows organizations to test the security state of their applications and prevent data leaks.

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