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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

All-in-one network security for your mobile applications

Because mobile apps are designed without most of the security features inherent in conventional IT applications and systems, they are particularly susceptible.

Our Methodology

For application penetration testing, we use a hybrid model wherein we implement the OWASP methodology .

Target Common Vulnerabilities

Poor Code Obfuscation, Excessive Information Leakage, Insecure Communication

End to End Security

Our methodology for penetration testing allows us to assure complete end-to-end security and integrity.

What Do We Offer

The mobile application security method is tailored to the client's specific requirements. The evaluation technique checks both mobile apps and 3rd-party libraries for security flaws. The mobile app is quantitatively as well as dynamically tested to discover vulnerabilities.

  • End-to-end evaluation
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Executive Report
  • Extended Support
  • Estimation of financial outcomes
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End-to-end evaluation

In-depth mobile penetration testing of both client and server-side security measures

Why Mobile Application Penetration Testing ?

As a security testing method, the Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology examines security perimeters in a mobile context. Its major focus is client-side security, and it extensively places the end-user in charge. It is derived from the classic notion of the application security technique. Companies can acquire an early understanding of the source codes vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and attack routes by undertaking penetration testing. Once all flaws have been identified, developers may implement adjustments to bridge the gaps and update the design to fix the issue.

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